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I attended middle school in Indonesia, where my grade 6 teacher assigned Tomorrow, When the War Began. The book opens by following a group of students in Australia who go on a camping trip for a few days. When they return, they find Australia has been unexpectedly invaded by Indonesia. They have no choice but to join the effort to repel the invaders.

The world is at war

For a lot of people, including me, the war (against trafficking worldwide, EO13818, “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security”) started before I was even aware of the scale (and depth) of the problem. (This is not the only national emergency through which war could be declared—there’s a certain kind of national emergency which should be used to enact the War Powers Act of 1973.), where valid EOs must go… 2 of “Biden’s” EOs have not gone onto the Federal Register, another clue that “Biden” isn’t Joe Biden

Note: “Biden’s” EO14102 does NOT appear where it should, in 10 USC Sec. 12304, but what we DO see is, once again, Commander-in-Chief Donald John Trump’s Executive Order 13919

Note: We look to 10 USC Sec. 12304 because of the language “including sections 121 and 12304 of title 10, United States Code” which designates where “Biden’s” Executive Order 14102 of July 13, 2023 SHOULD show up if it was valid. However, five months later, it has not… Instead, people are reminded who is in charge and given an important clue relating to how Donald John Trump became a Wartime President.

Find Ex. Ord. No. 13919 under 10 USC Sec. 12304 on

As I was saying, this war started well before I was aware, and the struggle between good and evil goes back long into our history and probably beyond recorded history.

But in 2020, right after the obviously strange election, I hadn’t met my friend who escaped the Rumanian supply chain as a toddler (by being purchased through adoption for $13,000) nor reflected on experiences I’d witnessed in my travels that gave me hints of the depravity of the situation.

In order to teach peace, you might have to learn about war

In late Summer 2023 I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to teach peace, and he said I might have to learn about war first.

Well, as it happens, the United States of America is currently at war, and here we all are (I realize some of you are reading from other countries and I am as optimistic about world peace as I am about peace in this country, especially given the next paragraph).

Four years ago war was declared by our Commander-in-Chief. Evidence of that can be found in 50 USC Sec. 1550.

Who are our partner forces? For instance, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, currently flying in this evening. But many more. According to Ambassador Pascal Najadi, Commander-in-Chief Trump probably triggered a treaty which involved military organizations worldwide who had signed on (but not necessarily the corrupt governments of those countries).

See for yourself… Filter for Military in right sidebar on … how many countries have had military planes near Israel in the last month (including prior to Oct 7)? More than 15… why could that be?

Executive Order 13912, under USC 10 Sec. 12302 is still active, put in place by Commander-in-Chief Donald John Trump. “Biden” could have revoked this at any time, so why hasn’t he? (This goes for EO13823—Gitmo—and several more.)

Still active… and whose name is in the bottom right?

My friend in the Philippines

About three months after the 2020 election I was in the process of deleting my LinkedIn account and my friend in the Philippines said we had better sort out the election.

What I didn’t realize was that at that time we were already at war and also already undergoing a military occupation and a continuity of operations plan.

By the way, all of this will be drawn up for each of us to research for ourselves in Derek Johnson’s book, The Midnight Rider Rides Again. I’ve read much of his draft documents for the book, found at, and like it or not, I learned a lot by reading them. You might too. Where Marco Polo’s The Report on the Biden Laptop focuses on the key evidence in the laptop (more than 600 pages of it), I expect Derek’s book to be more of a hands-on guide to self-teaching about our country’s foundations and the relevant laws and orders related to the present military occupation and continuity of operations plan. At the end of the day, it’s by reading for oneself that mere belief turns into understanding. I don’t have to believe anything when I can simply point to what is written and then read the military comms that come out through various news sources (remember the media is under wartime powers, 47 USC Sec. 606) or through Commander-in-Chief Trump’s speeches. (Notice that CIC Trump rarely talks about getting elected… why would he need to given the reality?)

Also, for another post, I will come back to the Philippines, including Corrigedor, of interest during WWII—the United States hosted the Filipino President in exile and a puppet spoke to the media (see the Commonwealth Act No. 671). It was also on this day, December 8th, that 82 years ago the Japanese invaded the Philippines not long after bombing Pearl Harbor.

ES&S is finished

At the most recent election event in Springfield, Missouri, someone asked at a table, So the military is the only way, isn’t it? Someone there responded, Yes, but we can’t rely on that.

What I take that to mean now, especially after reading the documents, orders, and so on that I have highlighted above, is that We the People (which grows in significance each day, not a throw-away term) have a role to play in running our country.

And so, even with the military operations taking place, what I wrote about in a previous article, about one of the largest investigations in American history (see EO13848, extended by “Biden”), is being carried out with the help, in my opinion, of everyday people, civilians, like you and me.

Similar to the Tina Peters story (except this auditor didn’t take a before and after image of their system, so the election records may actually be lost in this case)

In 2022 I called or emailed a number of county auditors around Minnesota. One of them admitted to a federal crime, expressing that they had allowed the vendor to delete election records from the 2020 election. Oops. I recorded and published that phone call previously.

One of the early email exchanges with the Todd County Auditor was taken over by the Todd County Attorney who informed me that they had no cast vote records. Well, if you don’t have them, you can’t use the equipment, DS200s, from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which they were using. So, which was it?

Very recently, in an ongoing effort (once again, in my opinion, an investigation by We the People assisting the ongoing or future enforcement of EO13848), the South Dakota Canvassing group had an online Zoom meeting with representatives (about 12 or more) from ES&S, some of whom were present at a June 2023 meeting at the Omaha, Nebraska headquarters of the company.

Public Pressure Forces County Action
FIRST - we want to tell you that the public pressure ripped through Minnehaha County! The IT Department felt the heat and FINALLY agreed to hand over the Election Management System laptop to the auditor. They weren’t very happy about the words used, but it doesn’t matter. We got results and they did the right thing. It’s too bad the right thing isn’…

The video from the meeting in early December 2023 is linked below. If you’re just joining us, you will not only get a front row seat to the end of ES&S’s run as a major electronic voting system vendor across this nation—ES&S is finished—but also how doing one’s homework and knowing definitions, terminology, and the law, can do wonders in these kinds of meetings.

Thank you, SD Canvassing and everyone involved! Keep up the great work!

How to remove a Chair in Minnesota tomorrow

Tomorrow, thanks to tireless and thankless work (I thank them, but most people, including many who vote the Republican ticket, don’t even know who the Chair of the Republican Party is—I also did not until I became a delegate at the precinct caucuses in 2022), there’s a chance that the Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota will be removed tomorrow.

If it goes through, it will be a completely lawful removal, voted upon by delegates. At that time, the party will have 45 days (nice number) to have another meeting to elect a new Chair. There will be plenty of time to sort out who will be best in that role.

I’m only attending as a guest, but I’ve read through the Minnesota Republican Party Constitution to see how this could take place…

MNGOP Constitution

Notice of proposals to remove three state officers were issued: here (Chair), here (Deputy Chair), and here (RNC Committeewoman), even though the State Executive Committee has voted not to include the removals on the agenda, which is not even something that can be voted on. (The nice thing is that those State Executive Committee members who voted against it, all but two, have now outed themselves.)

Others, including myself, wondered if it would help to improve delegate and alternate attendance for someone to be waiting in the wings to take the Chair role. However, there need not be a rush to do so, as we see in Article IX, Section 3b5.

MNGOP Constitution

Can read MUCH more on - if you only have a little time, read Letters to Delegates.

This all matters because a weak Republican Party (combined with rigged elections) meant the DFL currently controls the Minnesota House, Senate, and Governor, which has led to frightening abortion legislation and unconstitutional statutes that amount to electronic voting machine mandates—both of which I doubt will stand very long. Shame on us if we allow them to.

Note: By one measure, Minnesota is 3rd HIGHEST (among the 50 states of this union) in human trafficking, and remember that Commander-in-Chief Trump has special powers domestically as well during wartime, alluded to in articles like this from NPR or from ABC and reference EO13818 again as needed regarding human rights abuses.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy your time with family this time of year and remain focused on what matters to YOU. If you have time to spare, do some reading. You will feel better as well as gain context to evaluate your daily decisions in this historic time.

I started writing about the war in August, but one veteran, known for his viral rant of August 24, 2022, has been compiling the chronology of this for some years now… Derek Johnson.

Some may ask, what’s the point? The operation goes on without us knowing, so what gives?

Well, understanding the fact of the matter provides the context to calmly do what we have to do locally, just like the kids in Tomorrow, When the War Began. Just like Derek Johnson did to summarize the war in terms of a military occupancy and continuity of operations plan. Just like the SD Canvassing group which epicly took down ES&S. Just like the people in Minnesota tomorrow bringing light and accountability.

What’s even better is that this work benefits everyone, even if you didn’t know about it. About 8% of Americans fought (and died) in the Revolutionary War—a big number. How many Americans are working for a better future today? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for those that are in harms way all over the world (as shown by the RCH call signs on aforementioned flight tracking site, designating troop transport), as well as those civilians that I’ve met locally doing their part. Even though there are many fond memories already, the best is certainly yet to come.