What Happens in America When Truth Tellers Speak


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Footage of three detectives and two police officers who came to a coffee shop with a warrant for Tina Peters’s iPad.

What was this really about?

Was this because Tina Peters, as the election clerk of Mesa County Colorada, successfully proved manipulation of the Dominion Voting Systems (EVS) Election Management Server (EMS) as detailed in the Mesa County Report #3 (must read for all Americans)?

This was the same server which Mark Cook demonstrated (using a forensic copy) a vote flip between candidates in a matter of seconds using tools available in the system.

The recently published “Fingerprints of Fraud, Volume 1” by Jeffrey O’Donnell uses the Mesa County Dominion server as the Rosetta stone to detect a nationwide pattern from hundreds of cast vote record reports produced directly from the voting machines counting millions of ballots across this country during the 2020 election—it is also a must read for anyone still doubting the vulnerability of America’s voting systems and infrastructure.

If you prefer a longer video of Tina Peters’s story, try Selection Code.

Toothpaste cannot be put back in the bottle

And the cat is out of the bag.

The only thing “they” have left is intimidation, bullying, and lawfare. That should not deter us. It is a simple fact that they cannot intimidate, bully, and use lawfare against everyone, as “they” don’t have enough resources or assets to practically or effectively do that—they hope that by setting examples like with Tina Peters that others will cower and hide away. But instead more and more wake up and stand up.

Come learn what you can do in your local community from David Clements in The Greater Magistrates tour event on May 7 in Monticello, Minnesota.

A few notes and handouts will also be shared about successes in local election integrity groups from those working together coming up on three years now. You can join them, bringing your own unique background, skills, and energy.