Why Won't They Let The Delegates Sit?

Far from everyone who cares about election integrity votes for Republicans or considers themselves a republican. It’s important for Americans to unify to gain traction toward accountability. I believe that most Americans want transparent elections.

But the narrative has been that the Democrats don’t care while the Republicans do. (Let’s leave aside the independents and others for the moment.) What I discovered last year is that most (capital R) Republicans in Minnesota, don’t. But many, many regular people do.

To be unpacked at length in longer form, the MNGOP, as with the GOP in general, seems to have divorced itself from common sense with its stance (or lack of a stance) on election integrity and election reform. This was a necessary understanding to come to for me and many of my new friends and acquaintances who see a path to restore the MNGOP to a constitutionally-minded organization. Also to be unpacked at length later are all the ways the MNGOP has deliberately attempted (and succeeded in) losing elections at the state and local levels. They are really good at this!

Their latest tactic has been to suspend duly elected delegates in a recent Otter Tail convention. More than 30 people! Why do this? Does it have anything to do with one member of that contingency exposing the election fraud that the Party committed and tried to cover up? Might it be because Nathan Miller’s opponent was in on it?

If you know certain votes for various roles and committees aren’t going to go your way, you better do something about it… if you want to stay in power.

The Star Tribune recently did a post on the Otter Tail convention and its background. In it people like Jay Duggan (Rocks and Cows) and Michael Brodkorb provided commentary which I disagreed with. Duggan spoke about the party possibly splitting apart, which seemed to support the Star Trib’s viewpoint. Duggan also removed this video exposing the fraud from his Rocks and Cows page, supposedly because he was worried about a lawsuit. As to the substance of his commentary regarding impending division, an alternative would be the party getting reclaimed by true conservatives with constitutional principles. Then perhaps the MNGOP can transform into something representative of the people that tend to vote that direction. Meanwhile Brodkorb seemed to indicate he was okay with the suspensions. But the suspensions from my vantage point are only called as such because those delegates cannot be removed within the MNGOP’s own rules and constitution. (What makes this even stranger is the reason given: that those 30 people did not support an “endorsed” candidate, who happened to related to if not directly involved in the election fraud which allowed him to become the endorsed candidate to begin with.)

It bears keeping in mind that the GOP isn’t strictly needed to win local elections (assuming a clean election, which cannot be assumed at all for the moment—further reason to scratch my head as to why the MNGOP didn’t speak up about any of this), as demonstrated in my own campaign with less than $2k spent achieved 36.9% of the republican primary vote in less than 90 days of non-traditional campaigning. Although I ran as a republican I was effectively an independent in my challenging the endorsed Republican candidate in the August 9, 2022 primary election.

Much more to come as these stories develop.