Will Hennepin County or Minneapolis Council Reconsider Konnech?

Commissioner Angela,

Given recent revelations regarding Konnech Inc. leading to arrest of its CEO Eugene Yu, I am proposing an agenda item to discuss the appropriateness of Minneapolis's recent extension of Contract No. C-40044 with Konnech, Inc.

Hennepin County would not be the first to consider or reconsider its contract. You can learn more about this very important matter here:

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu's ties to CCP election software company [VIDEO]
Watch now (8 min) | An independent journalist published an excellent video report on Konnech CEO Eugene Yu’s connection to Hongzheng Technology. With her Chinese background, Lei independently verified Konnech CEO Eugene Yu’s relation to the Chinese Communist Party’s premier voting technology company Jinhua Hongzheng Technology. You can find “

As Child Well-being Advisory Committee Chair, you may also be interested to know that Konnech has connections into school systems in the United States meaning the CCP likely has sensitive data on children, parents, teachers, and administrators. http://www.schoolbrief.com/schoolcase.html

Including on this email council members Robin Wonsley, LaTrisha Vetaw, Jason Chavez, and Emily Koski who made up the 4-member quorum present to approve the amendment to Contract No. C-40044 which extended and expanded the contract, as well as on that day absent council members Jeremiah Ellison and Andrew Johnson.

Erik van Mechelen