10 speeches in 2 weeks on elections in Anoka County (and more to come)

ERIC, electronic poll pads, voter registration, case evidence of vulnerabilities in Anoka County, inaccurate voter registration data

On March 14, 2023, Anoka County residents returned to the Anoka County Commissioner Board meeting to share 5 more speeches (10 total now given) about the election process and its current vulnerabilities after beginning this process with 5 speeches two weeks ago. This followed a lengthy process of first getting time during public comment to address these issues.

  • An outline of 5 main concerns/asks and a reminder of the previous speakers from two weeks prior - this prompted a commissioner question allowing mention of alternatives to ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)
  • The case for how the electronic poll pads allow for glimpses into election trends the day of elections
  • Voter registration is a problem everywhere and we just want to work together to help the County, who is accountable
  • Case evidence that most likely Commissioner Schulte has been waiting for, which shows we’ve vulnerabilities in Anoka County
  • Answers to questions about how inaccurate voter registration data could be happening…and a call for work product to better understand what the County does to ensure voter registration maintenance is accurate and current