Morrison County Patriots Work Together to Collect Thousands of Signatures to Rescind Unpopular Commissioner Decision

From Jeremy Pekula, who helped me learn about the unpopular decision and the process to overturn it:

Today was the big day folks!

The deadline to file all of our petitions and signatures collected to rescind the Morrison County Board's recently passed resolution to make our County Auditor/Treasurer position an appointed one was the end of the day today.

With the assistance of a number of Patriots, we filed all of those petitions late this afternoon at the Morrison County Auditor's Office.

We officially filed 272 petitions totaling 2,402 signatures.

We needed a minimum of 2,179 valid signatures of legal registered voters of Morrison County so we believe that we have enough of a cushion of valid signatures to offset anyone that may have signed twice or isn't a registered voter in the county.

I have a list a mile long on people to thank on this tremendous effort!!! Every single petition mattered and every single person that got any amount of signatures truly mattered!!!

We believe that we have succeeded!!! It really is in God's hands at this point and we wait for the official verdict over the next few days.



Jeremy J. Pekula