11 states of door to door canvassing, Minnesota canvassing ongoing

Comparing official records to interviews with voters

11 states of door to door canvassing, Minnesota canvassing ongoing
Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

The canvassing referred to here is not to be confused with the state canvassing board which meets prior to certifying an election.

These door to door canvasses compare official records, usually the voter rolls (registrations and histories) from the secretary of state's office with the responses from residents answering a knock on their door.

These should match nearly perfectly. But a trend is emerging - a large number and worrying percentage do not. Many voters are discovering their voice was not heard in recent elections based upon the official data from their own state.

So far it seems that wherever canvassing like this is done a significant number of anamolies and irregularities turn up. On top of the latest reports on machine oddities from Mesa County, Colorado and the True the Vote hearing on organized ballot harvesting accounting for 137,000 votes in Wisconsin, the paint is starting to fill in the election corruption canvas. (Sorry, had to.)

Canvassing is ongoing in several Minnesota counties. While you wait for those results (don’t wait, get involved), have a closer look at the data from 11 states.