Data on Elections—Everyone Should Have Access to this Data to Decide for Themselves

Data on Elections—Everyone Should Have Access to this Data to Decide for Themselves
Look at the open source data for yourself, and share—everyone should have access to this to decide for themselves.

1 - Otero County, New Mexico – Audit in Progress

David and Erin Clements recently spoke to Nick Moseder (video here) about the excellent progress being made in a forensic audit of the 2020 election in rural and strongly-Republican Otero County, New Mexico.

Last year, the audit team published a detailed 261-page report highlighting the many disturbing anomalies with voter rolls, mismatched ballot counts, machine vulnerabilities and other areas of concern. See the executive summary or read the full report.

Since then, the grassroots team consisting of engineers, technical experts, legal experts and other willing volunteers were able to gain the legal means and permission of the county commissioners and clerk to audit the ballots, machines, and canvass the voters themselves. The county Sherriff and District Attorneys have also provided willing assistance and helped ensure the process is legal, well-grounded and will result in the necessary evidence for further action.

Dr Shiva—MIT PhD and inventor of email—and his organization EchoMail is currently performing an analysis of ballot images and envelope signatures, while volunteer canvassers are surveying county residents to verify whether the election records match with how the voter says how they voted. The canvass is already discovering a large number of incorrect and non-existent addresses and voters (see the interim stats).

The chairs of the federal US Congress Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a threatening letter to Dr Shiva and a copy to the US Attorney General—although when an official federal committee references The Daily Beast and other legacy propaganda outlets as the source of their concerns it reveals how little objective grounds they have for interfering. The committee’s letter is riddled with inaccuracies, slander, partisan bias, and projects onto the auditors that they are undermining democracy by doing a thorough investigation. A rebuttal of several of the points is available here.

Threats have also been made that the electronic machines will be forcibly decertified if they are opened for forensic inspection—although many residents would gladly welcome that consequence, provided they are not replaced with new ones.

The auditors believe that the county clerk has done her best to run the election correctly, but being forced to outsource management of the complex Dominion machines that involve 400 customizable settings opens their elections to manipulation.

The audit is due to conclude within the next couple of weeks and we’ll be sure to share the results.

2 - USEIP Canvassing Report - March 11, 2022

4,601 of 9,472 residences in Douglas, El Paso, Pueblo, and Weld Counties, Colorado found that about 8% of voters (123,852 of 1.1M) were affected by unexplained irregularities in Colorado’s voter rolls and voting records.

3 - Wisconsin Voter File Analysis - December 4, 2021

Data from August 2021 voter rolls shows over 7 million separate voter records in a state with less than 6 million people.

4 - Analysis of Vote-Type Oscillations in 2021 Election Data - October 22, 2021

Simple human error does not account for these oscillations; therefore, a software controller theory is introduced.