Day Seventeen of protests in Guatemala

This year (so far) I’ve been employed by or contracted with three companies. Two gyms (group fitness coaching) and an online platform connecting writers with freelancers (customer service).

Currently, one of my teammates lives in Guatemala and has been keeping me up to speed on developments there.

This trusted anonymous source tells me that there are allegations of corruption and meddling in elections (by the government) which has brought the working classes, beginning with the farmers into the streets, effectively shutting down the country for going on 17 days.

When workers take to the streets in Guatemala, or farmers on tractors to the highways in the Netherlands, or truckers to the Canadian parliament buildings, there’s a song that trickles into the consciousness… Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people who will NOT be slaves again! (No coincidences, got to play this song, as trumpet, in school band.)

As a young child, age 2-5, lived in Libreville, Gabon, in West Africa. Recently (in 2023) elements of the military took over the government in Gabon after an alleged corrupt election.

These anecdotes are reminders of the plane(t)wide change, which is we the people—defenders of children, because Our Heavenly Father’s children are not for sale—against those who would attempt to enslave and exploit our life energy and the energy of our children, especially the very young.

It is an ancient problem (at least several thousand years old) and therefore it is likely that the unfolding plan is decades if not much longer in the making; parallel with the various communist infiltrations are equivalent infiltrations by guardians, monitoring every aspect of criminality in recent years. For a simple local example of this, note EO13912, extended by “Biden” (now active through March 2024), which activated up to 1,000,000 members of the Ready Reserve. For much more on this, try Derek Johnson’s blueprint at, who’s also a billboard-charting country musician—here’s one of his latest songs. (Note also, Q asked “Why did the National Guard activate cybersecurity teams?”)

While I cannot hope to have access to goings on high above (i.e. Space Force) or far below (i.e. operations under ground or under water), the limited window I have was, is, and will be observed in my backyard, so to speak.

I didn’t always live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, although I have lived here now 13 years in three parts, forming a triangle from uptown (near Lake Calhoun on Lake Street) to across the river from downtown (Saint Anthony Main) to the south (between Diamond Lake and Lake Nokomis), not far from the Minneapolis St. Paul Joint Air Reserve Station—my time residing in Minnesota now totals 17 years. Lately while swimming or biking or simply walking, when a military plane goes over, I smile, say or prayer, or give them a salute, because who can imagine the work being done (watch and filter by DB flags: military).

The first half of my life was elsewhere: Texas, Gabon, Louisiana, Indonesia, Texas again, China. With a home base in those locations it was only a car- or plane-ride to various other places. I truly was blessed to have seen so much of the beautiful parts and also the symptoms of severe, extended exploitation here on the surface of this world.

As is encoded in the word itself, surface (sur face) (above/on face from French) is limited to the outer boundary or border of a thing. How different can the outside of a thing be from the inside? Sometimes the outside is merely a facade.

Minnesota readers will know about ‘Minnesota Nice’. Drop the ‘n’ from nice and you have ‘ice’, which more properly describes the feeling. The faux/practiced niceness can be (not every time) a facade for the ice beneath. It’s not to caution against politeness but to be aware when an interaction goes beyond tact to something else, like deception, etc.

While my mother is from rural Minnesota, for a long time here I felt like an immigrant. (My dad was, around age 30, from the Netherlands.) Without the relationships that others (for instance, in college) had from birth to the state, I looked first to common interests to make connections. That extended after college too.

Years later, starting in late 2021, it was the decision to take part in discovering and then uncovering the domestic election interference throughout Minnesota (explored on Midwest Seeds and Project Minnesota) that I gradually and often suddenly made new friends. [Speaking of election interference, for fun, type ‘2024’ into the search bar on and see what comes up!… “election interference, never surrender"(!)]

With these new friends, I realized that instead of common interests, we shared common principles and values rooted in something much deeper and stronger. It seems there is a light, of God Our Father, in everyone that can grow, such that we can be the light. (Light, from a septenary gematria perspective, is equivalent to Jesus… Light = 25767 = 27 and Jesus = 45666 = 27… only a tiny fraction of what is being revealed in a book called LORD JESUS CHRIST, which is also giving me yet another lens on the various translations of the Bible that I try to read daily—which I’m likely to mention again in a later posting.)

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, bring your light. Sometimes, merely by showing up. Other times, by speaking up. Or simply by making an observation, as I hope to have done today.

In other news, Jim Jordan apparently fell 17 votes short on the speaker vote (noticed while headline reading), but is that really where our focus should be? (Or is that simply part of the what Johnson mentioned above describes as the distractions in the Continuation of Operations Plan?)

More posts incoming… because being someone you’re not gets you nowhere.

Formerly the K-Mart on Lake Street, Uptown Minneapolis