How to Expand Postelection Reviews

How to Expand Postelection Reviews
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Below is a sample letter (download from Cause of America) from a friend who has consistently engaged with the county election staff, election manager, auditor, and commissioners in recent months.

If you don’t have an ongoing thread with your [s]elected officials that have engagement or authority or involvement with election process, rules, electronic voting systems, and data, perhaps today is the day you will choose to begin.

Dear INSERT NAME of election manager or auditor:

I was informed that the random hand count audit has added only one additional candidate, while Minnesota Statutes 206.89 allows for all races to be audited.

Minnesota Statute 206.89 Subd. 3 Scope and conduct of review

Why have you chosen to avoid doing ALL candidates in the 4-6  precincts selected at random after the county canvassing board certified the election? Avoiding the rest of the candidate races can only bring suspicion to your process.

Please let all COUNTYNAME County residences know that you are making every effort to make our elections secure, not by words and lawyer speak, but by legal actions, namely counting ALL of the candidates' votes.

I await your confirming notice.


Download this sample letter and use it yourself before the postelection reviews held across Minnesota on Nov 21-22. Contact your election manager or auditor to find out the time and location of the postelection review in your county, or view immediately in this spreadsheet. (If you live in Grant, Houston, or Hennepin counties you may have to ‘unhide’ rows 27-29 first.)

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