Hennepin County Certifies Election in Record Timing Without Discussing Minneapolis Ward 6 Precinct 8 Where a Tabulator Failed to Boot for 20-30 Minutes Prior to Polls Opening

I don’t enjoy having to hold accountable [s]elected officials but it’s important that we stay the course, one day at a time.

Drove over to the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis for today’s County Canvass, where the County Canvassing Board meetings to:

  • take an oath (video) to perform their duties
  • certify (or withhold certification of) the county’s election
  • determine the precincts which will undergo postelection reviews, yet another part of the process used to gaslight the public

The certification took about five minutes from the opening of the meeting, possibly a record.

After the meeting, caught up with a few of the participants (audio below):

Notice the misdirections attempted in the following conversations and how to parry them.

At 6:55 in the below audio, an admission that “we don’t trust the machines to count accurately” followed by a caveat that they are tested before the election and therefore we trust them.

But what about the tabulator in Ward 6 Precinct 8 where a tabulator failed to boot up 20-30 minutes prior to opening the polls?

It’s a simple question without an official answer.

Is it fair that the county canvassing board wasn’t presented with this information before certifying the election? (Or were they and it was ignored?)

Either way, a major gap in the process that is easily exploited. One of hundreds.