If you are still in the game

Gathering intelligence for all 3,143 county equivalents

When I ran for MN Secretary of State I committed to Seth Keshel’s Ten Points to True Election Integrity.

If you are someone who has also remained committed, step up for your county and help gather intelligence on Point 1: Voter Registration, Point 2: Machines, Point 7: Harvesting and Drop Boxes, and Point 9: Transparency.

Four for the Election Integrity Core: Phase I
In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent an obscure Army captain and family friend, Meriwether Lewis, on a journey through the newly purchased Louisiana Territory, and then into the Oregon Country. The mission called for finding a navigable water route to the Pacific Ocean, and for documenting vegetation, topography, wildlife, bodies of water, rivers, …

From Seth Keshel:

If you volunteer, you will be given specific training, documents, and instruction to maximize your effectiveness.  I need your skills and devotion to the cause.  If this is for you, and you are still in the game, email fourcore@proton.me to reserve your county equivalent and begin the process of restoring confidence in our most sacred institution.

Email fourcore@proton.me

Read Seth Keshel’s full post on same.

Seth Keshel speaking in September 2021