[Live Podcast] MNGOP State Central Committee Recap Discussion

Occasionally I use this email list to call attention to conversations and events. Patrick Dennis is a guest tonight with TC, a Minnesota journalist who has had me on his show when I was running for MNSOS - Patrick was in the MNGOP state convention this weekend for that I as a reporter was barred from entering. More on that still to come. See show details below!

From TC:

“On this episode of Navigating the Northwoods from Minnesota Black Robe Regiment, TC sits down with Patrick Dennis to talk about the Minnesota GOP Central committee meeting on December 3rd of 2022.

Dennis will give his account and observations of the process and what he thinks the future of the GOP will be if GOP leadership continues to cater to the sycophantic nepotistic popularity contest to determine who gets to be the decision makers.

Tune in at 7:30 p.m. Central. And don't think for a minute this is a Minnesota only problem!”