Minnesota's deep state

While our Commander in Chief, Donald John Trump, obliterates the deep state, alongside global support and partner forces at home and abroad, it’s up to us to live in line with the beautiful 1776 Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation in 1777, our first constitution, and the one that came after it in 1789, as well as here in the Territory of Minnesota (following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 becoming a territory in 1849 and then joining the union with its constitution written in 1857 and ratified by the United States Senate in 1858) that we have to hold accountable those deviating from it, especially those who have meddled with our elective franchise and election process within the Minnesota-statutory-bound precinct caucus process available to major parties—they ain’t smilin’ now.

The below email summarizes and highlights only a few of the transgressions the leadership of the Republican Party of Minnesota has made, for which they have been served notices and will likely face consequences on December 9, 2023, where, for example, if it is determined that the Chair should be removed, that those delegates and seated alternates present have the right to elect a new Chair.

Now, the subject line of this email is provocative and subjective, but it is highly evident that the Party has at minimum evaded simple, fundamental questions about its precinct caucus process in Otter Tail which at the time immediately changed the outcome of an endorsement and then primary election and ultimately a Senate-level seat in Saint Paul. For my own part I was also blocked from even participating as a Secretary of State candidate in the Republican process (they won a temporary battle and it could be said outsmarted me in certain ways) which nevertheless let other events play out—the executive director who made the decision and who also trespassed me at the December 2022 convention merely in my opinion for asking him why he did, is now the former executive director—more of which details can be shared at the right time (but some of which were previously published in the now print-only book).

With that preamble, here is an email that the Senate District 50 Republicans—formerly an insider stronghold where recent Spring 2023 elections flipped the leadership—have written, with links highly encouraged to visit. If you are a non-commital republican, or an independent, or even a democrat who like my friend and her husband attended precinct caucus in 2022 in my BPOU (as I did for the first time), you have the opportunity to remain informed and are encouraged to participate in the revival of reason and the rule of law and order on this land.

For some who have been active and involved, what could transpire on December 9, 2023 is years and possibly decades in the making, just as (but I don’t wish to draw comparison except by the timeline) the historic plan to obliterate the deep state globally was decades (and decades) in preparation and currently being executed before our eyes.

The email follows here…

The Republican Party of Minnesota has called a State Central Committee (SCC) meeting on December 9, 2023.  Delegates for SCC received a message this week from an organization affiliated with the Mille Lacs County local party unit - “Rebuild the MN GOP” - with a proposal to remove Chair David Hann, Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom, and RNC National Committeewoman Barb Sutter, including detailed charges.

Most of the issues concern legitimate questions regarding the MN GOP’s major party status, precarious financial position, and abysmal results that should be answered by the State Party leadership.

See here for the full message:

“...On November 22, 2023, the Chair was personally served with a Statement of Charges explaining why he must be removed, as required in Article XVI, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

The Chair has the duty to respond to those charges. The Delegates have the right to hear his responses and seek any needed clarification about these charges and to then vote on whether he should be removed or deserves to retain his status as Chair.

If the Delegation determines removal is necessary to protect the Party, the Delegates have the RIGHT to select a new Chair.

The Party will not unite until this matter is resolved…”

Charges against Chair Hann

Charges against Deputy Chair Bergstrom

Charges against Committeewoman Sutter

This is the latest in an ongoing battle as grassroots conservative activists across the state have attempted to take back control of the MN GOP.  Note that at the last State Central Meeting, held on August 8, 2023, nearly half of the delegates supported a motion to remove chair David Hann.

The MN GOP also faces accusations of election tampering and altering data to hamstring conservative grassroots candidates not favored by state party leadership.

Alpha News - “Endorsed Minnesota GOP candidates say party is working against them”

The MN GOP has spent large sums of donation dollars in the past couple years on legal battles - directed at other conservative organizations and local Republican party units.

See below for just a few more examples across Minnesota:

Otter Tail County:

Star Tribune - “GOP Divide Boils Over in Otter Tail County Dispute”

Action4Liberty - “Corrupt Otter Tail GOP Bans 33 Delegates”

Clay County:

Star Tribune - “Bitter Fight Between Moorhead GOP Factions Lands in Court”

Morrison County:

Minnesota Reformer - “Police Called to County GOP Convention After Right-Wing Activists Raise Ruckus”

Senate District 50:

Indeed, at our own SD50 Convention in March of 2023, which saw long-standing leadership completely ousted, illegal balloting and election tabulation irregularities occurred that could have changed results had they not been discovered, confronted and corrected.

The Republican Party at all levels (including our own local party units) has been infiltrated by establishment RINOs hell-bent on maintaining control and stifling the will of We the People.  The only solution is for conservative patriots to get involved at the local level and take back control of the direction of the party that purports to stand proudly for Constitutional values and principles.

Let us know if you’re willing to help be part of the solution.

We will continue to update you as this story develops.

The New SD50 Republicans

We are proud to stand for the values stated in the preamble to the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution:

The Republican Party of Minnesota welcomes into its party all Minnesotans who are concerned with the implementation of honest, efficient, responsive government. The party believes in these principles as stated in the Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, it is the party committed to equal representation and opportunity for all and preservation of the rights of each individual. It is the purpose of this constitution to ensure that the party provides equal opportunity for full participation in our civic life for all Minnesota residents who believe in these principles regardless of age, race, sex, religion, social or economic status.



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