The Midnight Rider Rides Again by Derek Johnson

The Midnight Rider Rides Again by Derek Johnson

Already ordered three copies. Will be read by many in coming days, weeks, months, as the global operation comes into common understanding and comprehension and we all together learn the important of military law (as well as The Law of War Manual which is applicable worldwide to this humanitarian defense operation), and how together with a generals alliance (with other countries) the Deep State has been, is being, or if any remnants remain, will be obliterated, so indicates our current Commander in Chief backed up by current bipartisan legislation. Derek Johnson already laid it out for free on but now can get this print paperback as well.

'The Midnight Rider Rides Again' is the Part One Blueprint of how Donald John Trump is Commander-in-Chief by Military and Federal Laws and Orders in chronological order along with Military Regulations, Customs, Optics, and Comms, typically overlooked by majority.

This piece is a historical document all Americans should add to their bookshelves for generations to come as we live through what is becoming the most monumental, historical, and Biblical world operation to date.

Derek Johnson known to many as RattleTrap1776, roared onto the scene and forever changed the status quo of the "political spectrum". His globally viral 'Rant' one early fall afternoon in the middle of nowhere, on the side of an Alabama backroad connected the dots for what was amiss in our great nation.

With the left-wing media painting one picture, and the right-wing media painting another... majority of Podcasters, independent media, independent journalists and Americans were simply floundering and spewing the obvious of the "2020 Stolen Election" and riling people up about J6 to countless other predictions that never came true. What 'they' thought was the obvious... wasn't.