No Senate Honorees in LEA's 2021 Report on the Minnesota Legislature

This is a letter I’ve republished from Bret Bussman, discussing the 2021 performance of legislators.

Read the LEA 2021 Report

Hello again,

Big day tomorrow. We will take another step in determining the direction of our State.

I was reviewing the voting records of Minnesota legislators in 2021, as reported by the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota. I was so upset, I felt I had to share this with everyone.

It is 12 pages long and I have attached it (link to dropbox) if you want to read the entire report. Please review the first 2 pages, as those are the most important.

It shows a picture of 7 Republicans who are holding the line and fighting for us every day. Right above their picture is a statement that reads, "2021 LEA House Honorees (No Senate Honorees)." Let that sink in!

The thing about that is if you search other Conservative organizations, who have also scored our legislators over the past few years, you will basically find the same results. It's very sad.

I have highlighted the parts I believe are truly significant, in order to save you time.

If you want to go to their website, just click the link and scroll down to the "2021 LEA Report on Minnesota Legislature Released," and click that.

Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota - For an Informed Citizenry Since 1972 (

How does everyone feel about the tax notices we just received from our counties? In the last 6 years, my property taxes have more than doubled.

If we want change, we're going to have to step up at all levels: township, city, county & school board.

It's time for We The People to be The People.

Christian Constitutional Conservative

Bret Bussman
District 5 Senate Candidate