Which Attorney General Candidate Understands the Election Ecosystem the Best?

From the March 31st, 2022 Attorney General Debate.

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Listen for knowledge/understanding of what’s at stake and how the AG can work with the other branches of govt.

Wardlow is referring to this litigation, Lindell v. US Dominion.

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Schultz brings up consent decrees.

Jude doesn’t seem to touch on enough of picture. Who doesn’t support voter ID?… voter ID is not a point-scoring item.

Wardlow mentions Dominion and ongoing litigation; only candidate to mention voting machine vendors.

Remember: Mass absentee mail-in ballots + software/hardware (Dominion/ES&S/Hart) make it trivial to rig an election in whatever direction your heart desires.

As shown in this report from Mesa County, Colorado regarding the Dominion systems, the manipulations within the databases almost certainly took place without local election officials nor election judges awareness.

Here is a reading of the first pages—executive summary and findings—from that report.