OmniBallot - Ballots Wherever and Whenever

Moving about in the outer world produces both priming and advanced searches into a synthesis of ideas and memories in the inner.

Visiting the Lake County Courthouse where an OmniBallot assistive voting device was on display combined with a return to the crossroad between the Edina Target and the Southdale Library at 7001 York Avenue South allowed the connection between Target's early 2010s desire to create an omnichannel shopping experience and the potential service the OmniBallot equipment offers those who would dare attempt to subvert further elections.

Maybe processing and letting go negative emotions (sparked by reading Letting Go by David R. Hawkins) allowed for the rest and inspiration to occur naturally. “Thank God” I exclaimed interrupting the quiet dinner where wife and I were eating the delicious butternut squash and black bean chili, medicinal if I may say so, and still the best way to remind the prideful ego it was not responsible for this connection.

Election judges, take note! Perhaps consider counting the number of voters using the OmniBallot on election day which can then be compared with a data request of the OmniBallot log files immediately after the election.