Minnesota Bidoncino – Oct 28, 2022 (A weekly recap of Minnesota's election compost bin)

The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case.

—Thomas Paine, “Dissertation on First Principles of Government,” The Writings of Thomas Paine, ed. Moncure D. Conway, vol. 3, p. 267 (1895). Originally published in 1795. (Quoted by Jeffrey O’Donnell, co-author of fundamental Mesa Report #3, in the October 26, 2022 Pennington County, SD commissioner meeting.)

Bidoncino — pronounced “bee doh n chee no”— means ‘small trash bin’ in Italian. Think of this weekly recap as a compost bin to fertilize seeds for accountability and transparency in your local government. Never give up on your daily gardening.

If you missed it, read last week’s recap, Oct 21, 2022

Okay, since it rhymes with Bidoncino, pour yourself a cappuccino (I did) and let’s get into it.

Stearns County canvassing board certification meeting after the Aug 9, 2022 primary

Top of the Heap - Hand Counts

With midterms approaching election judges in Minnesota are wondering how to hand count (PDF, one option) to protect against tabulator inaccuracies or machine fraud (like Tripp County, SD or Washington County, WI are doing), especially given that summary statements they are asked to sign which seem to ask that machine tallies be verified. For just one example, audits of the Sandoval County, New Mexico primary showed a severe shortage of physical ballots to hand count versus what the machines said the tallies were. The simplest way to conduct an in-precinct hand count is to study either “sort and stack” or “read and tally” and to have a plan.

Mid Pile - Minnesota Updates

This week in…


Anoka County and Lake County will Illegally Tabulate Votes Before Close of Polls on Election Day in Apparent Violation of Minnesota Statute 203B.121
200+ Pages of Incident Logs in Stearns County Aug 9, 2022 Primary Election Yet to Be Disclosed to Public
An Executive in the Minnesota Republican Party Admits to Corruption in Otter Tail County’s Delegate Selections in Spring 2022
KrisAnne Hall event in Monticello helps We the People Realize the Constitution is Key and the Role of Sheriffs in a Constitutional Republic


70% of the ballots were not counted in one precinct in Williamson, TN due to a “technical” error - The same error was found in 65 out of 67 counties analyzed in Georgia in 2020
Gregg Phillips and Katherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote threatened by judge with arrest if they don’t comply with order to release their informants or researchers on Konnech
Everyone’s concerns about machines validated when canvassed machine tallies greatly exceed physical ballots available to hand count in Sandoval County, New Mexico primary election audit (video: listen to first 30 seconds)
Pennington County, South Dakota, discussion about ES&S including input from Dr. Frank, Col. Shawn Smith, Rick Weible, Jeffrey O’Donnell, and Jessica Pollema (video: for a clear explanation of the complete insecurability of all electronic voting machines, see 41m mark, Col. Shawn Smith)


Queensland Parliament Member speaks on Konnech as Eugene Yu previously tried to sue her for asking questions in the public interest to Australian voters (3m video, listen to first 60 seconds)

Anoka County and Lake County will Illegally Tabulate Votes Before Close of Polls on Election Day, Providing Data Early to Anyone with Access

  • Recall that the law was already broken during the primary election on Aug 9 according to this complaint filed with Anoka County.
  • Anoka and Lake are not the only counties planning to break Minnesota Statute 203B.121. This is part of the process sent down from the Office of the Secretary of State. I do not understand why auditors and ballot boards are complying with this unlawful and illegal procedure. Tabulating votes means that data from absentee and early voting can be made known to anyone with access electronically or via an upload from a modem in the tabulator.
  • Anoka's Election Manager Tom Hunt and Andover City Administrator Jim Dickinson both confirmed that absentee ballots are run through the machines prior to election day but claim they are not tabulated—this is illogical as the machines are programmed to both create ballot images and tabulate the votes automatically. During the Aug 1, 2022 logic  & accuracy test, Wright County Elections Manager Tyler Webster boasted at the speed of the DS450. Surely the creation of ballot images could wait until polls closed as per Minnesota statute 203B.121?

200+ Pages of Incident Logs in Stearns County Aug 9, 2022 Primary Election Yet to Be Dislosed to Public

  • Along with Sandy and her husband met with Laura Laudenbach, Division Director of Elections and Licensing and Randy Schriefels, Stearns County Auditor, prior to the primary election.
  • Were informed that only 8 of 76 DS200 tabulators were tested (above minimum standard but means 68 were not tested).
  • CVRs were requested to be published—they were not even though the Fillmore Auditor provided theirs from 2020, one of only 2 counties in Minnesota to do so (see Fillmore analysis and addendum)
  • Incident logs may be reviewed during the county canvass prior to certification, but it isn’t clear how closely that was done given response below from Laura Laudenbach—could it be that some of these incidents indicate that the machines aren’t 100% accurate, as Auditor Randy Schriefels recently claimed?

An Executive in the Minnesota Republican Party Admits to Corruption in Otter Tail County’s Delegate Selections in Spring 2022

  • Otter Tail County delegate fraud committed by members of the local GOP, including …
  • Here is a recorded phone conversation between concerned citizen Carol Hexum (recorded by Carol) and Republican Party State Executive Officer for the 7th Congressional District, Bill Nichol
  • Mr. Nichol describes how Jordan Rasmusson, who Carol says became the endorsed candidate as a result of an illegal process, has a lot of support within the Party
  • Write-in for Nov 8 Nathan Miller narrowly lost (no audit was done) in the Aug 9 primary to Rasmusson and has continued to raise awareness and ask for accountability for the delegate and endorsement process from Spring 2022 within the MNGOP as well as for election integrity at the county level, as shown by his letters sent to auditors in five counties requesting publication of cast vote records (CVRs) for the primary election—all requests were unlawfully denied as under Minnesota statutes 13.01 and 13.03 a statute for public data must be provided by the county denying the release of public data (none were given).
Did Caucus Fraud Lead to an Illegitimately Endorsed Candidate in Senate District 9?
In Spring 2022 confirmed delegate fraud occurred in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, which was referenced in Chapter 5 of [S]elections in Minnesota and the MNGOP is yet to hold itself accountable in Otter Tail and in most other counties where alleged or confirmed fraud occurred

KrisAnne Hall Helps Awaken We the People to the Constitution

  • Workshops held for deputy sheriffs from at least 10 Minnesota counties
  • Evening event on Oct 3, 2022 leads to awareness of the sheriffs role in a constitutional republic
  • Watch this free documentary to get educated a ditch your prior conditioning

Bottom of the Bin - Author Notes

This week a public comment was made by phone to the Hennepin County commissioners asking why Konnech is still contracted with Minneapolis after a request for an agenda item on same has been ignored for 12 days (ask and keep asking for accountability of standards). This PDF on Konnech may be shared with your Hennepin County Commissioners and Minneapolis City Council Members. Join Hennepin County’s Cause of America site to join the fun and download the latest resources to reform elections and bring common sense back to life in your county.

While on hiking trip in Two Harbors spoke in person with the Lake County auditor who acknowledged election judges can’t verify machine tallies.

Met with a group in Sartell last night to share an update (audio below—Q&A begins at 25m49s with a question about Kim Crockett followed by “What can election judges do?”).

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Look again. There’s one more rainbow than you first counted. (Iona’s Beach on Lake Superior’s North Shore, Oct 2022)