Two Harbors

A weekend in Lake County’s Two Harbors, considered by some a gateway to Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. In drive up from Cities, a brief return to Jay Cooke State Park south of Duluth where in July had attempted the Voyageur 50. Many leaves had already turned there and on our hikes to come but there is a freshness and quiet which draws attention inward to release long-held emotions, bringing calm and even peace.

View from Mount Baldy, Tettegouche State Park

Lake County’s voter turnout as a percent of their 7am registration on Nov 3, 2020, was nearly 96%. If we include the 570 same-day registrations and registrations that occurred with absentee ballot (but not prior to election day), turnout was 89%.

Shoreline stone beneath a cloudy dawn on Agate Bay

In reviewing the precinct level data (Excel), Silver Bay Precinct 2 stands out: 78% in-person voting on election day. (Only 22% absentee or mail in.) The county level ratio was 59%.

What inspired those 625 residents (78% of those voting) to vote in person? Even nearby Silver Bay Precinct 1 only managed 64% in-person voting on election day, 233 of 364 total voters.

Are you an election judge?

Here’s a citizen’s call to action… - watch video

Until November 8th, an annual membership earns signed copies of both [S]elections in Minnesota and Midwest Seeds (expected Spring 2023).

Even in unlikely places, life finds a way