Did Caucus Fraud Lead to an Illegitimately Endorsed Candidate in Senate District 9?

In Spring 2022 confirmed delegate fraud occurred in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, which was referenced in Chapter 5 of [S]elections in Minnesota and the MNGOP is yet to hold itself accountable in Otter Tail and in most other counties where alleged or confirmed fraud occurred which affected those who made up the local and 2,000+ delegates at state convention in Rochester in May.

Seeking clarity, Carol Hexum legally recorded a conversation with Republican Party State Executive Officer for the 7th Congressional District, Bill Nichol.

When Carol Hexum posted the above video on the Rocks and Cows facebook page and its 20k followers (Carol is an admin so the post from Carol appeared as “Rocks and Cows of Minnesota”), the page owner Jay Duggan took it down having received a phone call from a lawyer.

In the video description, Carol says she participated in and recorded the call, making it legal since MN is a one-party consent recording state.

Jay Duggan’s reason for removing Carol’s video.

Therefore “may not have been authorized” is moot in Jay’s post above because so long as the recorder of a phone call is participating, recording that phone call is legal.

The delegate fraud that occurred in not only Otter Tail but multiple counties (and possibly many counties) will not go away until the MNGOP leadership actually shows accountability. The phone call shows there is hesitancy within the party to be accountable.

It’s important for anyone with integrity in the MNGOP, at all levels, to not simply let this go away, else there is little to distinguish this political party’s actions from the party they oppose.

Elections can be won while also looking in the mirror and making a change.

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