Proposed Rule 29 to Prevent New SOS Candidate from Speaking and Being Endorsed?

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Proposed rules were posted the evening of May 5, 2022. Rule 29 d) states nominating petitions must be received by MNGOP office by 9:00 AM on Friday, May 6. 2022. This is not in the constitution and it is not yet an accepted rule (it is a proposed rule). A motion may be made to strike or modify this rule from the floor of the convention by a delegate.

State delegates wishing to see the new SOS candidate (this writer) participate should print, sign, scan, and send (or digitally sign and send) this Candidate Nomination Form to as soon as possible.

Perhaps based on these proposed rules (see Rule 29 d), though this was not explicitly stated, the Executive Director shared with the new SOS candidate that he would not be accommodated. (Requests for a phone call to discuss have been unanswered.) This after sparse communication from party leaders regarding requirements to be included in the state convention endorsement process and no mention of this rule which was presumably being discussed in the background.

This is not the only rule change that is likely to be disputed on the convention floor on May 13, 2022.

There is also likely to be discussion about who will chair the convention and the decision to use (or not use) electronic voting equipment.

Proposed Rules - State Convention, May 13/14
Proposed Agenda - State Convention, May 13/14
Proposed Rules - State Central Committee
Republican Party Bylaws

The SOS Candidate Nomination Form
State Delegates - sign and send to as soon as possible

Even if Β signatures are submitted and there is a motion to strike or modify proposed rule 29d, there may yet be a challenge with proposed rule 29f and 29g. Note again these rules are not from the MNGOP Constitution, and, as they are proposed rules only for the state convention, must therefore first be accepted by the delegates on the floor of the convention on Friday May 13. Because by that day, May 13, the proposed rules will refer to dates in the past (the May 6 proposed deadline for signatures), there is no telling what delegates or the party will decide.

Given documented issues (audio interview with Nathan Wesenberg) with the overall endorsement and nominations process, many are starting to wonder whether the MNGOP endorsement process means much at is once may have. There is an argument that endorsements mean little, as I wrote about here after observing my own precinct caucuses and the CD5 convention.

Candidates running as republicans do not require the endorsement of the MNGOP to participate in the Primary Election taking place on August 9, 2022, or in the General Election on November 8, 2022.

Secretary of State Announcement

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