Sunday Weekly Recap - March 5, 2023

In Spring 2022 Rick Weible mentioned there was a need for local government oversight, accountability, and transparency.

Along with other signals and signs delivered, I’ve lately taken that to heart having been reminded that without proper elections, our government cannot work.

That’s why for the foreseeable future I’m dedicating almost all my work time toward sharing everything I’m learning (and have learned during the last 18 months) on this topic with you, the readers.

My hope is that you will look back on these posts in the months ahead realizing that you are gradually becoming equipped, taking action, and being inspired by the stories of your neighbors here in Minnesota.

That said, you are readers in 21 states and 10 countries, even though I’m focused on the Minnesota election process, law, and electronic systems. And I’m thankful to all of you and for your consistent sharing of these articles and to all those who monetarily support this work, all of which goes back into operations.

Next week’s posts will focus on:

  • an update on cast vote records (in Minnesota and nationally) and why they matter (and how to get them)
  • a review of Minnesota election related lawsuits in 2022 and 2023
  • casting a vision for Project Minnesota
  • a medium-length write-up on the SD50 convention
  • take a first attempt at a podcast episode

If you missed any posts from this past week, they are all linked below. I traveled to Anoka County to a county commissioner board meeting as well as down the road in Hennepin County for the Senate District 50 Republican convention, where while observing the vote tallying and recording I noticed a big mistake

This week’s posts:

A Live Audit of SD50 Hand Count

A Live Audit of a Hand Count Changes the Results of the SD50 Elections
Yesterday I attended the Minnesota Republican Party Senate District 50 convention where most of the current leadership was replaced when a well-organized slate of candidates under the banner “Reclaim SD50” impressed delegates to score decisive election victories.

Otter Tail: Why Won't They Let the Delegates Sit?

Why Won't They Let The Delegates Sit?
Far from everyone who cares about election integrity votes for Republicans or considers themselves a republican. It’s important for Americans to unify to gain traction toward accountability. I believe that most Americans want transparent elections. But the narrative has been that the Democrats don’t care while the Republicans do. (Let’s leave aside the i…

How to Get CVRs - Who is the Responsible Authority?

Who is the Responsible Authority?
Takeaway at the top: The County Administrator is the Responsible Authority from whom to request cast vote records (CVR) reports. Feel free to send any denials for 2020 or 2022 elections to erikvanmechele…

Anoka Residents Share Research with Commissioners

Residents of Anoka County use new public comment segment to share research and recommendations with their commissioners
Last year a small group of Anoka residents started speaking with their county commissioners before their board meetings, which normally occur every two weeks. Having attended one of these brief informal sessions, I found it to be an effective way to engage as well as to build both rapport and credibility outside the confines of a formal and recorded pub…

This Year We Prioritize Integrity

2023 is the Year We Prioritize Integrity
Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to share what’s next for this election integrity newsletter. Why the focus on election integrity? Because if your government cannot run trustworthy elections and demonstrate this adequately to every voter, what