We are not promised tomorrow

While visiting my best friend with health issues in Houston the past few days, a friend back in Minnesota shared this:

We are not promised tomorrow so don't fear doing  what needs to be done today.

It seems to me that my best friend in Houston will have a path back to health.

That is not guaranteed to everyone (or anyone) and circumstances can change in an instant.

One priority I have beyond loving God and loving my neighbor is to help others see what I see, which is a beautiful solution to a broken election process.

That beautiful solution will allow any city, township, or county that adopts it to sleep well at night following every election, knowing they provided a transparent and verifiably accurate registration, validation, tabulation, and reporting process.

To learn more and meet others also working on this, come out to the Monticello Community Center at 4pm on Sunday May 7. I'll share a few notes briefly before giving the floor to David Clements, arguably the best communicator on these topics.

Especially if this topic feels uncomfortable for you, I encourage you to come out and see that there are many, many good and welcoming people working every day and that there is a good road ahead. This is an American issue and not at all about political parties.

The event is free and open to the public: