Thank you for stepping up in favor of election reform. This is a statewide effort and yet the work is local.

Your townships and cities have decision-making authority on several key areas:

  • whether or not to use electronic poll pads
  • whether or not to hand count the paper ballots
    • can be done on election day, or
    • as a more rigorous post-election review process
  • and much more...

What's the first step?

Familiarize yourself with your township board or city council.

If you are not already attending meetings, go to the next one. Feel out the lay of the land.

A few questions to observe or even ask directly:

  • Who are your city council members?
  • What is their level of understanding about election law, process, and electronic systems?
  • How are they staying informed about election-related news?
Feel free to use this template to map out your area...

Find Your Groups

Are you already meeting face to face with others interested in this topic and moving the needle locally?

Learn more about how to find your group. Or contact us to see if we are already connected with someone in your area.

Next Step: Resolutions

Groups like Anoka County Election Integrity Team (ACEIT) have done a lot of the legwork when it comes to resolutions that can be brought to town and city boards.

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